Dating former coworkers named tom discount dating direct affinity

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Dating former coworkers named tom

He was Leslie Knope's deadpan superior as the head of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department until she left the department to become a city counselor, and then again when she rejoined the department after she was recalled.

When Ron was 9 he began work in a sheet metal factory and "within two weeks, he was running the floor".Ron claims to have attended a prom when he was 12 and (while he enjoyed himself) felt it was unnecessary to go to another one.When college came around, his dad, feeling that college wasn't important, dropped Ron off at a metal factory.He is shown to have at least three other brothers, Don, Lon, and Vaughn, all of who worked with him at Very Good Construction and who he likes to keep private.He also mentioned an uncle who "does yoga" when asked if his family had any history of mental illness.

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