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Datingbee org

Kaz found her and insisted on taking her under her wing.

Fiercely independent, Allie had no interest in being saved by anyone but she was interested in the violent retribution the Red Right Hand was enacting.

Perhaps that comes from having experienced the worst that life has to offer.

She has the attitude that things can only get better." Allie approaches Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack) to arrange a meeting with Kaz.

Kaz makes Allie join a protest, while Ferguson drugs and attacks Bea in the kitchen.

Will gains evidence that Ferguson reported Kaz to the police. Allie becomes hysterical as a lifeless Bea is laid on the floor.

After Bea is rescued, Allie is questioned by Vera and Will, Allie denies any knowledge of what happened.

Allie Novak is a fictional character from the Australian drama series Wentworth, played by Kate Jenkinson.Joan recovers from a gang-rape attack, a scenario she manipulated into happening in order to appear as a victim towards the members of Kaz's female protection group.She begins manipulating Kaz and leads her to believe that officer Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva) was her attacker.Allie later apologizes to Bea and she explains her past as a prostitute and discusses ex-lovers.She also makes fun comments to Bea which are well received.

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Maxine Conway (Socratis Otto) warns her that Bea is in charge.

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