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According to sources, the Sathya Institute Of Paramedical Sciences has been functioning at Sankarapuram under correspondent Kalaimani (34) for the past 8 years.The private medical studies institute currently has over 150 students, all of whom are girls.The court called the exception, "arbitrary, discriminatory and capricious".Describing as artificial the distinction between minor girl and a minor girl in child marriage, Justice Lokur said it was contrary to the philosophy of many statutes like Prohibition of Child Marriage Act and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO). A debate on whether or not marital rape should be criminalised in the country has been raging for a while now.Search for a girl that will satisfy every fantasy, no matter how kinky it might be!

Only on this adult site you can find thousands of extraordinary girls willing to fuck just for fun.Though the SC refused to say anything on the marital rape of adult women, this verdict is expected to have a prospective effect on it.The central government thinks that criminalizing marital rape may destabilize the institution of marriage apart from being an easy tool for harassing husbands.Claudia Garcia Moreno, a leading expert in violence against women, "Child marriage marks an abrupt and often violent introduction to sexual relations.The young girls are powerless to refuse sex and lack the resources or legal and social support to leave an abusive marriage." A child bride remains a child after marriage Through its order, the apex court read down an exception 2 in Section 375 rape law which protected a husband who had sexual relations with his wife who is aged between 15 and 18.

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VILLUPURAM: A complaint made at the collectorate on Friday shocked the conscience of many after it came to light that a private medical institute has been exploiting impoverished girls who dreamt of higher education, for the past eight years.