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After a while, the husband would get tired of the extreme self-denial and subjugation to the will of Creffield, and start drifting off.

For the wife, though, self-denial and subjugation to the will of another was a less unfamiliar situation.

He, however, would find it intolerable, and quit going to services.

At some point, then, she would identify him as a non-believer and cut him off.

(I will now pause for a moment so that those of you who are familiar with the history of the Salvation Army can pick your jaws back up off the floor.) Creffield settled in Corvallis and started preaching, building a flock of super-strict believers.

His message got increasingly un-Biblical as he claimed he was receiving instructions directly from God Himself.

He promoted himself from "the second Joshua" to "the second Elijah," which, if you know your Old Testament, is rather a big step up.

It certainly relies a lot less on the once-prominent myth that women are naturally gullible, stupid and (absent the steadying hand of a man) easily led into promiscuity and sin.

In other words, if you're female, you'll find the real story a lot less insulting.

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