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Church and his commitment to songcraft, in particular, has been a touchstone for Cam.

To her, it's imperative that she believe every lyric she writes or sings.

In a singles-driven industry, it was a bold move to devote three-plus minutes of high-profile TV time to a song few recognized.

While Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson and their album-focused brethren regularly dig deep for their TV appearances, female artists on major labels often have to play it safe by playing the single. Rather, she views the singles-focused business model as something to turn on its head and take advantage of.

Rodrigue was the victim of sexism Wednesday, but previously she was the perpetrator of racism.

Rodrigue messed up sending those tweets, which does not at all diminish that Newton messed up by suggesting women don’t know anything about football.

reporter Jourdan Rodrigue before declaring that, “It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes.” Newton was rightfully pilloried for the remark, which suggested a lack of regard for the many women who cover sports at least as capably and intelligently as their male peers.

"As romantic as you want to be, music is a very expensive hobby."And, when it comes to country music, it's still very much a boys' club."I hope that things are changing, but if it's a statistical analysis, I'd say it's not significant.I am really grateful that it's moving, but when people start using words like 'renaissance,' that'd only be true if it were the reverse: 90 percent women on the radio, and six men."My worst nightmare is to sing a song that isn't truly me and have it be successful.Then you're just trapped in a bizarre parallel universe," she says.

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